What Is WomenNOW! World?

WomenNOW! is by Women and for Women.

We envision a world in which all Women (cisgender, transgender, and gender-nonconforming) are heard, trusted, and respected by building a global network of solidarity and protection. This solidarity is built as a continuum of worldwide regional chapters, each with their own Virtual Summits, held monthly, that address the intersectional struggles that Women face in their locality, with an understanding that Women everywhere can connect and empathize with the struggles of Women anywhere in the world. Our framework for achieving this is:

  • Monthly Virtual Summits: Each meeting will be available on Zoom and livestreamed on Facebook; each summit focuses on a specific region around the world and highlights the intersectional challenges that Women face and how they can connect with others to form strategic goals to meet them.

  • Yearly In-person conferences: Each year will culminate in an in-person summit taking place in the Motherland of Africa. This is a time where the solidarity built through the previous virtual summits becomes real and manifest in the fellowship of sorority. We will host discussion panels, cross-cultural festivities featuring art and music, and festive celebrations of Sisterhood.

  • Activism and Support: We act as a partner and incubator for other Woman-focused organizations to form and sustain a global action network that supports, protects, and empowers Women and Girls across the globe. This support is in the form of direct financial contribution, creating a platform for information collection and distribution, and strategic development of initiatives that advance Women's rights

We are working to ensure the wants and needs of Women and Girls are heard and respected, but we cannot do it without your support. Consider becoming a monthly supporter. Your donations will help build a world in which all Women can create, thrive, and prosper. Donate Watch our United Nations' Livestream Thursday at 1p Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube! Download WomenNOW! Infographic

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